A Moment (Or Lapse) Of Clarity

It used to drive me nuts that I felt like a handful of artists and labels controlled all of the money and quality of music in the "mainstream" market and could self-popularize anything, good or not, that they wanted to. But as I've gotten older and I've met more and more people, I'm beginning to realize that it shouldn't bother me that these 'moguls' cater to the lowest common denominator of people; because people grow up. It's not sustainable. Younger generations will always flock to what is "hot;" the only difference between 40 years ago and now is that now the labels are forcibly and deceitfully telling you what is hot and what is not.

But in cases of deceit, people eventually figure things out for themselves.

Sooner or later people will lift the veil off of their own eyes (or ears) and see past the lousy drugs, the peer pressure and the gimmicky music and collectively determine what it is that they deem to be "quality," as opposed to letting the media and their friends determine it for them. I'm witnessing it happen, I can feel it happening, I can feel the culture and the people around me finally changing. And it's a beautiful thing. The music industry is showing the world that its demise might not have been as much of a tragedy as originally thought, when the best example that we have of it is watching it grasp at straws by buying millions of artificial listeners, painting charts and graphs to nowhere.

I recall Kim Kardashian, while one of my least favorite "famous" people on earth, saying something along the lines of, "I'm famous for being me, not for being something that a bunch of other people have made me up to be." And as much as I hate to admit it, what she's trying to say is pretty accurate. These icons all around us, with the ghost writers, publicists, pre-recorded mixes, lip-syncing and teleprompter-reading, are what the bible would refer to as "false idols." And all false idols eventually fall. Whether it's an expose' in the form of a Youtube video or a magazine article, or it's a slip-up during a "live" performance that reveals tapes playing in the shadows, something, in some dark, obscure form, levels the playing field.

I think what I'm trying to exude from this temporary moment (or lapse) in clarity is that there is nothing to worry about and nothing in life that seems unfair remains unfair. If you've climbed your way to the top without once cheating, reap the benefits and enjoy it. If not, you'll eventually end up on the bottom. So no jealousy, or insecurity, or self-loathing is justifiable. Goals are attainable but shortcuts will be regretted, no matter who you are. Revel in that and try not to forget it, I know I will. I'm sure I'll have to pull this up a few times whenever I get frustrated that I'm not deadmau5 or Avicii. Hopefully it will serve to benefit some of you as well.

Hallowfreaknween 2012 Gallery Posted!

Pictures from this year's Hallowfreaknween with Bingo Players, Mord Fustang, R3hab and more have been posted to the galleries section.  I was appropriately dressed as the Dayman from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (see: Daymanstep) in tight spandex.  I'm happy to say that Daymanstep went OFF.  Check out the gallery here :)

hallowfreaknween 2012

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